A life of solitude

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Life in the 21st century is anything but still, and if you are called to serve, stillness has lost its meaning for you ages ago. ¬†Just as rest and eating healthy are key in maintaining a healthy body, stillness and solitude are essential in maintaining a healthy soul. In Lance Witt’s book, “Replenish,” he explains the importance and requirements of leading a life of solitude.

“If I’m going to be spiritually healthy, I must find ways to cancel the noise around me and experience times of solitude.¬†Solitude. The word itself sounds serene and peaceful,” says Lance. In order to be present in a state of solitude, you are required to

  • be present when we’re used to being productive
  • listen when we’re used to talking
  • being quiet when we’re used to noise
  • being still when we’re used to busyness
  • go internal when we’re used to going external
  • face who we are when we are used to projecting who we want people to think we are

If you are facing the struggles of leadership or even the demands of our tech-heavy century, solitude is a must. According to Witt, “Your life does not have an infinite capacity. Solitude creates capacity for God.”


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