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Who We Are

Refuge exists to serve people who serve people.

We offer renewal, revitalization and recalibration for leaders of churches and non-profit organizations. Through educational awareness, personalized mentoring, relationship building and outdoor experiences, we curtail leadership burnout for leaders of churches, missions’ organizations and others. We firmly believe that investing in healthy leaders to lead healthy organizations will have a significant and lasting impact on our world.

This will be a game changer!

Throughout our first seven years of offering leaders this support, our experience has shown just how great the need really is, and we clearly see that this is the time to expand our efforts to serve hundreds of leaders a year. The need in leaders lives is critical; our methodology has already proven beneficial. Preventative care for pastors and non-profit leaders is a critical need in our world today.

What We Do

For the benefit of leaders, Refuge offers a unique outdoor Montana experience that serves as the launching point for “getting-well.” During the visit, an experienced mentor assists each leader and helps them develop a plan for maintaining holistic health. Each mentor is accountable to participants for an extended period of time, coaching and guiding as needed. The atmosphere of the outdoor experience creates a venue for meaningful and accountable relationships that help the leader avoid isolation, and build camaraderie and teamwork.

Who We Serve

We serve leaders of churches and other non-profits who face the realities and rigors of leading in this often underappreciated sector. Statistically speaking, they are too often discouraged, isolated, overwhelmed and under-resourced and in need of someone to walk alongside them through the challenges they face.

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by means of leadership refreshment

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