Serving Tirelessly: The Impossible Standard

I am a leader. I am tired. Many of you are in roles that are incredibly demanding. Whether you stand up at the pulpit every Sunday, or lead a team in a non-profit setting, chances are you do not get much down time. A dear friend of mine is the director of a non-profit theater… more

How Do YOU Identify Leaders?

It can be shocking to some, but a lot of leaders weren’t born knowing they were made to lead. In fact, unless someone GIVES them an opportunity to lead, they may never realize their potential. So, how can you help the leaders around you realize they can change the world? 1. Encourage an Environment of… more

To Lead You Must Serve

I am not a leadership blogger. At least, if I were to write down the top 3 things that identify who I am, a leadership “guru” would probably not make it onto that list. I do consider myself to be: 1) Christ-Follower 2)Wife 3)Mother 4)Servant It has taken me a long time to realize what… more

Leading After Tragedy

If you have ever been around toddlers, then you’ll be familiar with what I am about to share. When a toddler falls down, their friends or parents are always quick to empathize and say, “ouch!” with them. I know whenever my 2 year old son bonks his head or scrapes his knee, not only do… more

Leading the Little Ones

Being a leader has more important implications than those you lead at work, in a business, in ministry, or non-profit. As I stare at my 2 year old, I am beginning to realize that my role as a parent leader to him is more important than my leadership role elsewhere. Don’t get me  wrong —… more

Finding Stillness in the Noise

My life is noise. If someone were to ask me one word to sum up what my day-in, day-out life looks life, that would be it. NOISE. I have a two-year-old, and a rather loud husband (the gentle but not-so-quiet giant). Between my toddler’s Curious Geroge cartoons playing in the background and my husband singing… more

Statistics We Should Care About

One of the most ignored groups of people when it comes to depression and anxiety is pastors, pastor’s spouses, and those serving in a non-profit capacity. If you identify yourself as a person in one of these groups, you may understand what we are talking about. You give most, if not all, of your heart… more

3 Ways to Decompress Before Sunday

It’s Saturday night. As you try to enjoy dinner with your family, maybe a show on television, or some quiet time in preparation for tomorrow’s sermon, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed and anxious. You love preaching. You love your congregation. You love your job. Being called to the front-lines of ministry isn’t always easy.… more

A life of solitude

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 Life in the 21st century is anything but still, and if you are called to serve, stillness has lost its meaning for you ages ago.  Just as rest and eating healthy are key in maintaining a healthy body, stillness and solitude are essential in maintaining… more

Welcome to our new website

And welcome to our blog. Websites are always a work in progress and this one is no different. I guess the same could be said for organizations like ours. Keep an eye on both in the coming months as we move forward. And watch this blog space for reviews and testimonials of previous trips, announcements… more

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