Statistics We Should Care About

One of the most ignored groups of people when it comes to depression and anxiety is pastors, pastor’s spouses, and those serving in a non-profit capacity. If you identify yourself as a person in one of these groups, you may understand what we are talking about.

You give most, if not all, of your heart to your ministry or organization. People confide in you, trust you, love you, and need you. But, what happens when the toll of serving others is so great that your own life begins to suffer? At Refuge Foundation- it is our PURPOSE to serve those who serve. We know that you can’t do it on your own, which is why we are working diligently, not only for the Kingdom, but for the well-being of those who serve others here and now.

Statistics We Should Care About

Dicouragement-Only 4% of non-profit leaders report being properly developed for the position

Depression-45% said they needed an extended leave of absence.

Isolation-70% of pastors admit that they do not have ONE close friend

Failed Marriages– 50% of pastors’ marriages end in divorce.


These statistics are shocking, and they are meant to be. You are not alone.

If you are serving in a leadership capacity in ministry or in non-profit, please reach out to us and let us serve you.

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