Craig WendelSouth Point Church, Memphis, Tennessee

craig wendel

When I was first invited to go for a week of fishing on the big horn river I was excited about getting to fish, that was it. But what I didn’t realize was how desperately I was in need of doing “nothing.” I planted our church 8 years ago from scratch and it was not a walk in the park. Progress was slow and grueling, but after numerous years and numerous families coming and going we finely found traction and began gaining steam. What all of that meant was that I never stopped and if I did physically stop, mentally and emotionally I never did. I was in constant work mode for 8 years straight and I never realized the detriment to my spiritual outlook that it caused.

Day 2 of fishing I was standing in the boat with my leg in the leg lock casting and mending my line and I realized that I wasn’t thinking, about anything. It struck me as odd that the last couple if days my mind and emotions had shut down, something that had not happened in almost a decade. It was amazing. I smiled and thought to myself how oddly amazing it was that I was confident that my church could survive without me and it was okay that I was thinking about nothing except mending my line. My time with Refuge was the most rejuvenating time I have had in a decade. Even now being back home and working hard, I find myself often thinking back about my time on the big horn river and how staring at that silly orange strike indicator changed my life. In fact it could very well have saved my life from ministry overload.

Thank you for the time and effort that you and your team invested in me. I’m a better man of God thanks to your care and concern.

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