Justin SogoianNational Church Relations Director Compassion International

Justin Sogoian

Thank you for inviting me out to experience the Refuge firsthand. To be honest, as a former pastor of 16 years, I was a little apprehensive about attending thinking that it wasn’t going to meet any of the expectations. Fortunately, I was proven wrong from the start!.

From the time I landed, until the time I left, this was a first class experience! Your guides picked me up from the airport with a smile and genuinely wanted to get to know me and my story. The connection was immediate, and the drive to the “campsite” seemed to fly by as the conversation flowed. Upon arrival I was greeted by the rest of your “staff” who were an amazing group of volunteers laser focused on making the experience memorable for all those attending. Phenomenal meals, freshly prepared and the “hands-on”fly fishing instruction are life-long memories. Your staff was so patient with those of us new to the sport, and they found their “success” in seeing each of us have a great time on the river. The accommodations were first class as we were truly spoiled from start to finish every day.

Honestly, I’d recommend this to ANY pastor who can (and can’t) get away for a few days. Very rarely in my business do you experience a location, group of people and set of amenities that caters to the soul, but you’ve done it my friend! I consider it a privilege to share the Refuge with pastors all over the world…and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Keep up the good work of helping pastors (and their churches) stay healthy. if the church is the hope of the world, then the Refuge is providing hope of the church.

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