Refuge is made up of a diverse consortium of individuals who care deeply about non-profit leaders and desire to see them flourish.

All too often, non-profit leaders experience stress and scrutiny that leads to leadership burnout. This group of men are committed to do all they can to put an end to leadership isolation and help leaders flourish.

Vice ChairmanCody Hoefle

Cody Hoefle

Cody Hoefle is a geologist who throws focused passion into the Refuge Foundation. After graduation from college, Cody served as fishing guide and introduced the idea that hearts and minds of clients could be transformed while fishing and fellowshipping under Montana’s big sky. Cody brings matter of fact wisdom to each and every discussion.

TreasurerGabe Lapito

Gabe Lapito

Gabe Lapito is a CPA and licensed financial planner and works in the financial investment sector. He has tremendous organizational and strategic skills that help keep Refuge focused and aligned. Gabe is a conservationist in the truest form. As a child he grew up fishing and hunting with his father and watching how the outdoors in its truest sense is a soul transforming and life giving experience. Gabe is passionate about loving people and making an impact with his life.

SecretaryCole Hoefle

Cole Hoefle

Cole is a petroleum engineer and geologist working in oil and gas exploration in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Cole applies practical and strategic thinking to the Refuge vision and mission.  He has a deep rooted passion for exploring Montana’s wild places, and finds transformative value in sharing these places and experiences with others.

Nate Poetzl

Nate Poetzl

Nate Poetzl has served as a pastor for the past twenty-two years in Eugene, Oregon, Everett, Washington, and currently with Faith Chapel in Billings, Montana. Nate brings his passion for seeing leaders thrive along with the love of the outdoors to the day-to-day operations of Refuge.

Lance Witt

Lance Witt

Lance Witt loves those who serve on the front lines of ministry and is committed to helping them stay healthy and “finish well”. As a former Executive Pastor at Saddleback Church, Lance’s broad spectrum of ministry experience, his strategic thinking gifts, and his passion for spiritual formation give him a unique ability to peer into the soul of a leader and the soul of an organization. Lance currently leads Replenish Ministries and his calling in that is to partner with pastors and leaders to live healthy, holy, and humble lives.

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